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How to make a longer shelf life in guangzhou?

2016-05-24 17:26:48 Guangzhou ShanYue Shelves Co., LTD Read

We must not only be shelves of choose and buy, again good guangzhou shelves without maintenance at the same time, also will affect the normal use of shelves, shelves in guangzhou in the operation, which should be paid attention to guangzhou shelves confirmed details?

Several common shelf introduces for you below the maintenance of common sense.

MLJ shelves: (1) the goods should be paid attention when using this kind of shelves layer load, store goods smooth, overweight goods don't pile in one place, in order to prevent the deformation of layer board, affect the service life of the shelves.

(2) into the racking: when using these shelves, attention should be paid to exercise of the forklift track, not collision shelves, shelves can be installed around the source of spats, guardrail.

(3) the mold frame: using such shelves, the shelves should be paid attention to the design of the bearing, not overweight, if already prepared crane hoist crane model, draw out die mold frame each access into only take out a piece of board.

(4) mobile intensive shelf: when using these shelves, should be more clean and moving track, because mobile rack rail dust most easily, therefore, to pay more attention to clean.

(5) beams racking: when using this kind of shelves, we should often check whether the cargo tray is put in use in the beam, pallet and indirect contact of beams is flat and level. Note between beam and column connection at the same time, regularly check the status of screws or safety pin and see if there is a drop or lax. Don't beyond the approved layer weight shelves to store the goods.

(6) high shelf: we should pay attention to most is the guangzhou shelf, goods are not out of shelf displays, in case you fall from. Weight has weight, should try to put the top light cargo, the underlying principle of put heavy stuff. Shelves for a long time use, appear off paint, can maintain at this time, off the paint parts processing to wipe clean, then use the spray paint spraying, dry it.

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