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The advantages of the three common warehouse shelves

2016-05-24 17:26:24 Guangzhou ShanYue Shelves Co., LTD Read

Commonly used in warehouse shelves? Why do these shelves are commonly used? Okun shelves on three shelves to give a detailed description:

The advantages of a Drive-in shelves

    Drive-shelf trays stored inside out one by one store. Forklift truck to use the same channel, the storage density is very good. But access is poor and difficult to do the FIFO management. The forklift requires the operator must be careful job to walk across the shelf. Drive-in shelves layer 3-5 as should be. The crossbeam have anti-collision loss designed to prevent forklift operation without careful top to the crossbar, resulting in the risk of the beam from the column.

A high storage density, poor access

2 for less variety of large quantities of stored

(3) the maximum of up to 10m

Not easily done FIFO management

5 items stored too long or too heavy

Second, mobile shelves advantages

Mobile shelves according to load pallets and containers can be divided in two. The side of the channel of this shelf for storage, the other side of the channel as a pick up with the goods are placed on the wheel. Shelf to pick up the direction slightly tilted at an angle. Use of goods gravity is automatically decline of the goods to the export orientation, remove pending. This shelf features are as follows:

(1) applies to FIFO

Space utilization up to 85%

(3) for the general forklift access

4 is suitable for bulk storage of short-time delivery of goods

Highly constrained, generally below 6m

The advantages of the grid plate shelf

Design of the grid plate shelf and pallet racking is the same, only the structure of lightweight, and increase the shelf. Apply to the storage tank products and bulk products, such as small size, light weight items. Easily removable, shock-proof, durable, and can freely adjust the storage height and interval. This light-shaped shelf is most suitable for use in factories, hotels, warehouses and logistics centers, small items storage. Shelf height of 4m below.

A modular design, in accordance with the pitch to be adjusted.

(2) cheap and fast assembly.

3 style changes easy to use.

The shelf height is generally below 4m.

Suitable for storage of cardboard boxes, bags, small items.

Shelf partitions on each floor carrying capacity to distinguish, can be divided into lightweight (carrying 75 ~ 100kg), in the amount of (carrying 200 ~ 300kg) weight type (carrying 1000 ~ 5000kg) three types can be divided into two categories, namely, lightweight, and in the amount of shelf.


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