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Storage shelves and the difference between the supermarket shelves

2016-05-24 17:25:01 Guangzhou ShanYue Shelves Co., LTD Read

Storage shelves and the difference between the supermarket shelves

Storage shelf is mainly different from the supermarket shelf, supermarket shelf and have a storage function, another important function that is to demonstrate the effect.Its height is usually the basis for the design of a person's height, so most supermarket shelves 3 m more focused on the structural design. Relative to the supermarket shelves, storage shelves commonly used in industrial warehouses, more focused on the upward development, full use of storage space, the maximum height of 40 meters, large-scale logistics center is designed to be integrated library frame structure, which is to build some shelves to the support structure for the building shelves, built after the building structure, such as walls, roofs, etc. Focus on storage, full use of space and another important function - rapid processing flow of goods storage shelves in the form. Two kinds of shelves of different functions, structure far. Storage shelves have the following effects:

1, three-dimensional structure, can make full use of storage space, improve storage capacity utilization, expanded warehouse storage capacity; Vertical MouseErgonomic Mouse

2, cargo access easy, can be FIFO, the selection of one hundred percent capacity, smooth inventory turnover;

3, the goods in the warehouse shelves, clear, easy to inventory, classification, measurement and other important management;

4, large quantities of goods to meet a wide variety of storage needs with centralized management, with mechanical handling tools, storage and handling the same work can be done orderly;

5, into the shelves of goods, and do not squeeze, material loss, can complete their function to ensure supplies, relief goods in the storage part of the potential losses;

6, to ensure the quality of stored goods may take moisture, dust, theft, anti-sabotage measures to improve the quality of materials stored;

7, to meet the modern enterprise cost, low loss, high efficiency of the logistics supply chain management needs. Vertical MouseErgonomic Mouse

8, the loading capacity of large and difficult to deformation, connecting reliable, easy disassembly, diversification, so that storage shelves for the development of modern industry has played a huge role in the development of modern industrial civilization, storage shelves are the structure and function continue to increase.

Characteristics of the supermarket shelves

1, beautiful, solid structure, size and diverse; design modeling style with the times, the supermarket shelf is a single-sided shelves can be combined, single-sided shelves can be combined with matching corners, two-sided matching combined with semi-circular; layer spacing can be adjusted , noble and generous;

2, the appearance of luxury, elegant tone, blend with modern store environment, creating a new business concept; Vertical MouseErgonomic Mouse

3, increasing the height of the corbel of the roots, increasing the load bearing capacity, the width of the laminate, the length increased, large shopping malls to meet the capacity of goods;

4, the surface electrostatic spray process using epoxy resin, a variety of colors, and have good anti-corrosion, rust; Vertical MouseErgonomic Mouse

5, easy installation, hanging with any of a variety of options;

6, columns and footings piece welded, increasing the shelf insurance factor, to prevent the shelves in the state by re-produced under strong gradient, to eliminate hidden stores;

7, the common good, with a variety of goods on display special accessories, suitable for integrated supermarket needs.

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