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Guangzhou ShanYue Shelves Co., LTD

About Us

yksy.png                   Guangzhou ShanYue Shelves Co., LTD focus on shelves for eight years, registered capital of RMB 1 million, its predecessor is a professional department, adorn article, cosmetics shelves OEM, is a professional shelf design and production company in guangzhou. Company is mainly to serve in various chain shop, cosmetics shops, shopping malls supermarkets and department stores, store design, provides professional planning, image packaging, store operations, consulting management, and other comprehensive services. Company to "focus, professional, concentrate on" as the center concept, hope that through our professional level and unremitting efforts, can provide you with the most valuable products and services.

                  Mountain in the past five years, guangzhou shelves co., LTD., the predecessor as OEM, continuously according to user needs as the center, focus on shelf production and sales at the same time, to go beyond their own and so on sustainable development, the company constantly learning, industry characteristics, grinds only attentively provide partners beyond the shelf itself consulting and management services. Won numerous partners trust and high praise, in the department store shelves (gen shelf style), jewelry shelves (ah shelves style), cosmetic shelf area gradually set up a good brand. 

                 Company not only production and sales of professional shelves, but also set up the perfect after-sales service system, for the enterprise development achievements and difficulties in providing advice to assist. We believe that through our efforts and pursuit, from time to time can finish with all partners mutually beneficial and win-win!


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